Snap packages for LimeSDR

Lets get snappy! Snaps are a containerization system that makes it easy to package and distribute a complete set of dependencies and files needed for an application. As an example, several snaps are now available on the LimeNet store for the Lime Suite GUI, Pothos GUI, GQRX, and GNURadio companion. In this blog, I will…

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LoRa modem with LimeSDR

LoRa is a chirp-based modulation format that can operate beneath the noise floor. Its robust, low power, and low rate — and a candidate technology for connecting the internet of things. In this blog I will cover the basics of LoRa modulation, show off the LoRa PHY blocks for Pothos, and demonstrate simple relay and client applications using a pair of LimeSDRs.

The LimeSDR application ecosystem

When the new Lime SDR arrives at your doorstep, you will find that its immediately usable within a variety of existing SDR applications and software stacks.

Lime Suite driver architecture

Lime Suite is a collection of software supporting several hardware platforms including the LimeSDR, drivers for the LMS7002M transceiver RFIC, and other tools forĀ  developing with LMS7-based hardware. This post will cover the components of Lime Suite, how it supports LimeSDR, how it fits with the SDR application ecosystem, and how users can use Lime…

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LMS Suite driver discussion

Lets talks about drivers! Drivers exist to create a high-level interface for low-level hardware. Drivers are the intermediaries between hardware and applications. When they work well, you probably don’t notice them very much. And when they don’t, it can be a challenge to to figure out what went wrong. Recently, we have seen the addition…

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New driver for Novena-RF SDR

The Novena-RF daughtercard has a new driver to bring it into the ecosystem of SDR devices and applications. The hardware The Novena-RF daughtercard incorporates an LMS6002D from Lime Microsystems, which gives users receive and transmit capabilities between 300 MHz and 3.8 GHz. The Novena motherboard contains a quad-core ARM processor from Freescale (iMX6) and a…

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Introducing the LMS7002M Control Driver

The LMS7002M is a dual transceiver containing just about everything you would want in a radio. Programmable clocking and synthesizers, built-in ADCs and DACs, highly configurable signal processing chains with interpolation and decimation. Capturing this into a higher-level user driver means taking on an intimate understand of this extremely flexible, and highly complex part. So…

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