Installing the Novena-RF driver and GNU Radio

In this post we will walk through installing the SDR module driver on the Novena platform, along with GNU Radio, before finally testing this by running up a simple FFT plotter. Before we start, please note that the canonical driver installation instructions can be found on GitHub and if you run into any issues consult…

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New driver for Novena-RF SDR

The Novena-RF daughtercard has a new driver to bring it into the ecosystem of SDR devices and applications. The hardware The Novena-RF daughtercard incorporates an LMS6002D from Lime Microsystems, which gives users receive and transmit capabilities between 300 MHz and 3.8 GHz. The Novena motherboard contains a quad-core ARM processor from Freescale (iMX6) and a…

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Assembling the Novena Laptop

We were honoured and extremely privileged to have received the first Novena Laptop off the production line! In this post we take a look at the final assembly which needs to be done upon receipt of the laptop, including fitting the Novena-RF module and bulkhead mount RF connectors. Please note that this is not meant…

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Novena-RF module prototypes in testing


Novena main board with a prototype Myriad-RF module bottom-right We were honoured and absolutely thrilled when Bunnie and Xobs saw our Novena RF module design and decided to add it as a stretch goal for the crowdfunding campaign. We have to admit that, for a little while, we were unsure if the target of 200…

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SDR enabling the Novena Open Hardware Laptop


Adding a 300MHz-3.8GHz SDR transceiver to the currently crowdfunding open hardware platform that can be configured as a laptop or desktop. An open hardware laptop, that you are free to modify and extend as far as is practical, is the dream of many an open source advocate. Now, thanks to the efforts of Bunnie Huang…

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