Lime Suite driver architecture

Lime Suite is a collection of software supporting several hardware platforms including the LimeSDR, drivers for the LMS7002M transceiver RFIC, and other tools for  developing with LMS7-based hardware. This post will cover the components of Lime Suite, how it supports LimeSDR, how it fits with the SDR application ecosystem, and how users can use Lime…

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New micro STREAM board, plus LMS6002 and LMS7002 modules

We are excited to announce that three new designs have been published to GitHub for boards that extend the Reference Development Kit and STREAM projects. These together provide an incredibly compact and low cost solution for prototyping wireless applications that are based on an Altera FPGA and Lime Microsystems FPRF.

Introducing the STREAM OpenRISC implementation

When I was contacted last year about making an OpenRISC-based SoC for an SDR platform I didn’t have to think twice. I have been curious about SDR and being able to combine that with my knowledge of Open Source FPGA work seemed like a great opportunity. After having talked to Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO of Lime…

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Announcing the STREAM board

We are thrilled to announce that the STREAM board is the latest project to join the Myriad-RF family. A feature-packed FPGA development platform built around an Altera Cyclone IV device, this includes RFDIO and FMC connectors, enabling use with the Myriad-RF 1 transceiver, future modules and other FMC cards. Stream with the LMS7002M EVB attached…

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