In addition to software upgrades, we’ve also announced new software package that has been designed to receive wireless signals from Myriad RF board and display the data samples in time domain, performing  IQ constellation and real time FFT.(download here). The software can be used as Spectrum Analyser, configuring basic  set-up (such as centre frequency, span etc..) from Graphical User Interface on PC.

The FFTviewer v1 software designed to run on interface board connected to the DE0 Nano bord and Myriad RF board.

The ’FFTviewer_v1.rar’ software  package includes:

  • Executable file FFT viewer.exe with all supporting libraries.
  • FFT viewer source code

For a detailed description of the FFTviewer_v1 software  please download ‘MyriadRF_RealtimeFFT_2r0.pdf.

One of the first open source systems to implement a carrier class BTS solution is  Fairwaves, who last month launched the world’s first industrial grade open source base station.

The announcement can be found here. And details on the open source base station can be found here.