Power amplifiers (PA) are nonlinear devices and their linearisation is highly desired for a number of reasons. In case of radio frequency (RF) PAs, linearisation improves power efficiency and subsequently reduces running cost of the wireless infrastructure. Considering the PA performance for a given air interface, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and error vector magnitude…

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The FreeSRP is an open-source (hardware and software) platform for software-defined radio that is affordable, high performance, compatible with existing SDR software such as GNU Radio, and includes an expansion port for hardware add-ons. FreeSRP comes in a small, portable form factor (7 cm x 11 cm) that can be completely powered from USB. FreeSRP…

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Over The Air

Over The Air is Myriad-RF’s fortnightly round-up of the latest topics of interest to the wireless and software-defined radio (SDR) community. Curated by technology journalist Gareth Halfacree, each issue gathers together the most interesting developments from both industrial and hobbyist sectors while keeping readers up-to-date on the latest hardware and software releases on our platforms…

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The pyLMS7002M Python package is platform-independent, and is intended for fast prototyping and algorithm development. It provides low level register access and high level convenience functions for controlling the LMS7002M chip and evaluation boards.

Front-end Modules

This project is concerned with creating RF front-end modules, such as PAs, LNAs and filters, that can be used together with an SDR platform in order to create a complete wireless solution.

LMS7002M Control Driver

This project contains a C driver for control of the LMS7002M transceiver. The driver provides user APIs for tuning frequencies, setting gains, setting filters, setting sample rates, setting stream modes, configuring switches, and calibration. Although this driver can select the streaming mode of the LMS7002M, it does not directly interact with receive or transmit baseband data.



The Parallella-RF module is based on the original Myriad-RF 1 design and has been adapted for use with the Parallella many-core computing platform.

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