Removing the barriers to wireless innovation

We’re building an inclusive community for individuals and organisations, hobbyists and professionals.

User End User

End Users

Providing integrated solutions for novice and advanced users alike, and use in product development and education.

User Software Developer

Software Developers

First class SDR drivers for integrated platforms, with support for SoapySDR and UHD APIs, plus GNU Radio, Pothos, LuaRadio and more.

User Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineers

Tried and tested, modular hardware designs for accelerated prototyping and reducing the risk associated with completely new hardware designs.

User Technology Vendor

Technology Vendors

Accelerating innovation, democratising access to advanced wireless technologies and bringing new levels of efficiency through reuse.


Network Operators

Enabling innovation at the edges and network operators to create new value and differentiation in highly competitive markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use the Myriad-RF logo with my product?

We don’t have an official scheme at present and all enquiries should be directed in the first instance to

How do I get involved in creating a new Myriad-RF design?

New projects are welcomed, but must share a common set of core principles and use an appropriate open source licence. We’d encourage you to discuss your ideas on the forum and to seek advice and feedback.

Can I use any frequency?

Current Myriad-RF hardware allows you to create applications that run on any frequency band between 260MHz and 3.8GHz. However, please note that a licence is required to legally create and run applications that utilise licensed spectra.

Who is behind Myriad-RF?

Myriad-RF was founded by Lime Microsystems, a supplier of flexible transceiver ICs. The initiative is continually growing, with new contributors joining and hardware designs being added.

All Myriad-RF designs are published under open source licences and third parties are free to make use of them within the conditions set out in the licence.

How can I get a Myriad-RF board?

You can buy Myriad-RF boards from one of the distributors. Alternatively, you can build your own, and design databases and a bill of materials will be provided for each.

What’s open source hardware?

As with open source software, open source hardware is about having the freedom to study, share and modify designs, and to sell products that are built using those designs.

While the open source hardware movement is earlier in its development than the open source software movement, it is growing at a rapid pace and is set to have a profound effect on hardware innovation and many technologies that we use every day.

Designs are published under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, which allows for both personal and commercial derivative works, as long as credit is provided.