End Users

Supporting end users via plug & play solutions that can be put straight to use in existing applications and accelerate the prototyping of new ones, while also enabling research & development of next generation wireless systems.

Integrated hardware and software platforms are available for use by novices and experts alike, with SDR drivers featuring vendor and platform neutral APIs, together with packaged software providing a first class user experience.

Software Developers

First class SDR drivers for integrated platforms, featuring support for LMS, SoapySDR and UHD APIs, plus GNU Radio, Pothos, LuaRadio and more.

Hardware Engineers

Tried and tested, modular hardware designs that can be used as a starting point and integrated into new designs, thereby significantly reducing development times and the risks associated with completely new, unverified hardware designs.

SDR drivers with an extensible API and that are designed with reuse in mind can easily be extended to cover new boards and systems, resulting in drastically reduced bring-up time.

Network Operators

Enabling innovation at the edges and network operators to create new value and differentiation in highly competitive markets.