MyriadRF projects range from engineering tools and developer libraries, through to highly integrated hardware plus software solutions. As such the support needed will vary depending upon whether you are, for example, a hardware designer, application developer or end user.

If you have a LimeSDR board or equipment that is based on this — such as a LimeNET base station — you can find links below for drivers and example applications for Linux, OS X and Windows operating systems. You should also read the hardware documentation.

If you are looking for engineering resources, such as source code repositories, hardware designs and detailed technical information, please see the relevant project pages and the wiki.

If you can’t find what you need, are experiencing difficulties, or simply would like to share details of something that you are working on, please use the forums.


Lime Suite, GNU Radio packages and LimeSDR-enabled apps are available for a variety of distributions.

To build Lime Suite from source see the wiki page.

but do not install from both source and packages!

LimeSDR hardware is also supported by the following cellular stacks:


Lime Suite can be installed on Mac OS X via Homebrew, along with GNU Radio, Pothos and a selection of SDR applications.


The PothosSDR development environment packages Lime Suite plus SDR applications such as GQRX, Pothos, CubicSDR, and GNU Radio.

The SDR Console software is also an excellent choice for amateur radio and general purpose applications. It can be used with the LimeSDR USB (original board) and LimeSDR Mini, with support for transmit and receive.

SDR Console support is provided via the group.


Documentation is made available via the wiki and direct links to some popular topics are provided below.