OTA: LimeSDR Mini, GNU Octave, SDR on a Watch and More

LimeSDR Mini (Render)

Lime Microsystems has officially opened a crowdfunding campaign for the LimeSDR Mini, a reduced-size and reduced-cost version of the LimeSDR which offers one TX and one RX channel for just $99 for Early Bird backers and $139 thereafter. Taking place on Crowd Supply over the next month – the same platform used to launch the…

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LimeSDR Made Simple Part 5: Putting Software in SDR

This is the fifth instalment of LimeSDR Made Simple and in the last we explored the software side of the software-defined radio, using the relatively simple to use dataflow programming environment, Pothos. Quite a break from the previous articles where we went into detail of the input stages of the LimeSDR. This time we will…

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OTA: Beginner’s Guides, PocketEPC, GRAVES and More

GRAVES spectrum plot

Karl Woodward’s LimeSDR Made Simple series continues on the Myriad-RF blog with two new hands-on posts: a simple practical example and implementing an FM radio receiver through Pothos. Following on from the first and second entries in the series, Karl’s latest posts are designed to take the theory into the realm of practice. The third…

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LimeSDR Made Simple Part 4: to Pothos and Beyond

It’s time again for another bite sized chunk of LimeSDR. This is the fourth post in the series and while this will be our second practical exercise, it does build upon the whole series and so if you have not read the first three articles, you are advised to take a look now (Part 1…

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LimeSDR Made Simple Part 3: A Practical Example

This is the third in a series of posts that aims to make the LimeSDR platform a little more approachable. Again we will build upon previous examples and if you missed the last in the series it is available here. Last time we looked at the RX stage in detail with the aim of understanding…

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OTA: Reverse Engineering, Sky-High LoRaWAN, Budget Radio Astronomy, and More

VK2Seb's Filter Tutorial

If you subscribe to OTA via email you may have missed Karl Woodward’s second entry in the new LimeSDR Made Simple series, published earlier this week, which aims to introduce you to the concepts you’ll need to get the most from SDR in the real world. Following the first entry in the series last month,…

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LimeSDR Made Simple Part 2: matching, LMS7002M RX & I/Q

This is the second in a series of posts on the LimeSDR platform, that aim to demystify using SDR in the real world and programming a simple example with confidence, through bite sized chunks. Last time we explored what the LimeSDR is and what it can achieve. In this article we will look into the LMS7002M…

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OTA: LimeNET Success, LimeSDR Guides, Bluetooth Mesh, and More

LimeNET Core

The LimeNET crowdfunding campaign has successfully closed its funding run, meaning production will go ahead on the open-source LimeSDR-powered all-in-one base stations, and with the backing of communications giant Vodafone. Just prior to the campaign’s close, Vodafone announced that it would be providing backing for the LimeNET launch and its App Store platform. Based around…

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LimeSDR Made Simple Part 1: Introduction

This is the first in a series of posts on the LimeSDR platform, that aim to demystify using SDR in the real world and programming a simple example with confidence, through bite sized chunks. What is SDR? Most that have found this article will already know the answer and to use an analogy, while a…

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OTA: Interferometry, DIY SDR, van Eck Phreaking, and More

David Lonard's interferometry

David Lonard has posted in the forum to share his results with using the LimeSDR for stargazing via astronomical interferometry, using the board’s 2×2 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) functionality. “I’ve been working on a 1420 MHz radio astronomy interferometer for a while now and using the LimeSDR that I just received I’m getting some nice results,”…

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