OTA: The WebUSB-Enabled uSDR, IQEngine, Alien Signals from Mars, and More

Wavelet Lab is looking to make software-defined radio more accessible, using a compact M.2 SDR module dubbed the uSDR alongside a WebUSB-connected browser-based software bundle with some impressive collaboration features. “uSDR is an embedded software-defined radio board that targets ease of use and collaboration,” Boston-based Wavelet Lab says of its…

OTA: Satellite Imagery, GRCon22 Talks, Osmocom Funding, SIM Simulation, and More

LimeSDR users have been showing off their satellite imagery successes on social media, capturing data from NASA’s Terra, Suomi-NPP, NOAA-20, and more and decoding it to great effect. “Here it is,” writes Peter Kooistra on Twitter, while sharing images including the one adorning this newsletter. “My first Terra with…

LibreCellular Update 5: Basic Service

We are pleased to report that the next milestone has been achieved and it is now possible to set up a network to provide basic service.

LibreCellular Update 4: CI Phase 1 Commissioning

We are pleased to report that the next milestone has been reached, whereby the srsRAN software is automatically built and deployed to a base station, together with eNodeB and EPC configuration, following which an end-to-end test is completed when a modem attaches to the network and a successful ping completes.