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Myriad RF is a family of open source hardware projects for wireless communications, and a community that is working to make wireless innovation accessible to as many people as possible.

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Component Libraries

This project aims to build a collection of component footprints and models that are useful when designing RF systems. At the present time there are KiCad libraries that include footprints for things such as: HSMC FMC DE0-Nano FX10B (as used in the Reference Development Kit) Lime Microsystems LMS6002D Micro-USB 3.0 Contributions of additional footprints for…


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Announcing the STREAM board

Andrew Back

We are thrilled to announce that the STREAM board is the latest project to join the Myriad-RF family. A feature-packed FPGA development platform built around an Altera Cyclone IV device, this includes RFDIO and FMC connectors, enabling use with the Myriad-RF 1 transceiver, future modules and other FMC cards. Stream with the LMS7002M EVB attached…


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