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Myriad RF is a family of open source hardware and software projects for wireless communications, and a community that is working to make wireless innovation accessible to as many people as possible.

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Radio Astronomy Software Defined Radio (RASDR) This project provides access to the hardware designs, firmware, host system drivers and applications for the RASDR project. RASDR is an Open Hardware project undertaken by members of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) to develop a low cost, high performance software defined receiver for use by SARA…

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LimeSDR is now open source hardware!

Andrew Back

Some may have seen via Twitter, various blog posts, at Mobile World Congress back in February, or the recent EE, Lime Micro and Canonical joint announcement, that there is a particularly exciting new SDR platform on the block — the incredibly compact USB 3.0 peripheral, LimeSDR. As an SDR platform this is exciting not only…

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