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Components include the original Reference Development Kit (RDK) that is comprised of the Myriad-RF 1 module and digital interface boards, alongside more recent SDR platforms such as the LimeSDR family, and external modules which add PAs, LNAs and buffered GPIO etc.

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Integrated Systems

Integrated systems build on the field proven LimeSDR platform to provide a fully standalone solution, with features such as a GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) for high frequency accuracy and stability, Power-over-Ethernet, and touch screen and camera interfaces, in addition to integrated compute.

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LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro makes deploying wireless networks more accessible than ever before, by extending the LimeNET line of integrated hardware solutions via an ultra-low cost platform that is capable of supporting narrowband systems, such as GSM and IoT wireless standards, in a stand-alone configuration.

LMS8001 Companion

The LMS8001-Companion board provides a four channel, highly integrated, highly reconfigurable frequency shifter platform, utilising the LMS8001A integrated circuit. One of the possible applications is extending the RF frequency range of the LimeSDR platform up to 10 GHz.


Lime Adaptive Digital Predistortion implements power amplifier linearisation for improved power efficiency and reduced running cost of wireless infrastructure. LimeADPD is designed for use with the LimeSDR QPCIe board.


LimeSDR-QPCIe is a 4x4 MIMO PCIe board which provides support for adaptive digital predistortion (ADPD) and with GPS for frequency accuracy/stability.

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OTA: Kalibrate for LimeSDR, LimeRFE Assembly, Magma Goes Linux, and More

A fork of the Kalibrate project is now available for LimeSDR users looking for improved frequency accuracy without the need for a signal generator or spectrum analyser, thanks to the work of developer Supreeth Herle. Originally designed for receive-only software defined radios, the forked Kalibrate – known as Kalibrate-LMS –…
LimeRFE Board

OTA: LimeSDR External TCXO Board, Hardware Accelerated Video, and More

Satellite communications engineer Phil Crump has published an open-source design for an external TCXO frequency reference board for the LimeSDR Mini and other devices in the LimeSDR family. “This PCB provides an external, thermally separate, TCXO Frequency Reference to the LimeSDR Mini board,” Phil explains of the project. “I built…
Phil Crump's LimeRef Mini

OTA: LimeSDR on the Traverse Ten64, LimeRFE Production Update, and More

Traverse Technologies has showcased the flexibility of its Ten64 eight-core Linux-based networking platform for wireless use, demonstrating its compatibility with the LimeSDR USB and GNU Radio. “There has been quite a bit of interest in using Ten64 for software-defined radio (SDR) applications,” the company explains, “so we have put together…
Traverse Ten64

OTA: New srsLTE, Lime Suite, LuaRadio, GQRX, SDR#, and More

The open-source srsLTE cellular communications suite has hit version 20.10, bringing new functionality including mobility functions and performance-enhancing PHY changes – and a range of bug-fixes, too. The srsLTE 20.10 release brings with it a new logging framework alongside initial NR PHY layer and stack components. The srsENB package receives…
GOES Imagery from USRadioGuy.com