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Myriad RF is a family of open source hardware and software projects for wireless communications, and a community that is working to make wireless innovation accessible to as many people as possible.

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LMS Suite

The LMS Suite is a set of utilities for the FPRF transceivers from Lime Microsystems that: can be used to calibrate the transceiver; allow configuration of the transceiver plus support devices such as clock generators; provide an FFT display of a received signal. At the time of writing the following hardware is supported: Reference Development…

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The rise of open source digital design

Andrew Back

Open source designs for logic synthesis targeting FPGAs and ASICs are by no means new, with numerous industry and community initiatives that stretch back as far as the late 1990s. However, in recent years — and in particular over the last year or so — efforts appear to have redoubled, with developments that suggest that more widespread industry adoption may be on the horizon.

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