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Components include the original Reference Development Kit (RDK) that is comprised of the Myriad-RF 1 module and digital interface boards, alongside more recent SDR platforms such as the LimeSDR family, and external modules which add PAs, LNAs and buffered GPIO etc.

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Integrated Systems

Integrated systems build on the field proven LimeSDR platform to provide a fully standalone solution, with features such as a GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) for high frequency accuracy and stability, Power-over-Ethernet, and touch screen and camera interfaces, in addition to integrated compute.

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LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro makes deploying wireless networks more accessible than ever before, by extending the LimeNET line of integrated hardware solutions via an ultra-low cost platform that is capable of supporting narrowband systems, such as GSM and IoT wireless standards, in a stand-alone configuration.

LMS8001 Companion

The LMS8001-Companion board provides a four channel, highly integrated, highly reconfigurable frequency shifter platform, utilising the LMS8001A integrated circuit. One of the possible applications is extending the RF frequency range of the LimeSDR platform up to 10 GHz.


Lime Adaptive Digital Predistortion implements power amplifier linearisation for improved power efficiency and reduced running cost of wireless infrastructure. LimeADPD is designed for use with the LimeSDR QPCIe board.


LimeSDR-QPCIe is a 4x4 MIMO PCIe board which provides support for adaptive digital predistortion (ADPD) and with GPS for frequency accuracy/stability.

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OTA: LimeSDR Mini 2.0, Project CAMARA, a Commercial LimeNET Base Station Call, and More

Lime Microsystems has announced the LimeSDR Mini 2.0, an upgraded version of the smallest member of the LimeSDR range featuring a considerably improved field-programmable gate array (FPGA) – boosting its flexibility. Since its launch in 2017, the LimeSDR Mini – a single-channel full-duplex software defined radio built on the same…

OTA: ADS-B Tracking at the Terminal, Open RAN Silicon, Beginner’s Guides, and More

Developer Wayne Campbell has released version 0.5.1 of rsadsb, a Rust-based ADS-B aircraft tracking system with a text-mode user interface — bringing with it its first support for LimeSDR devices. “Release v0.5.0 of rsadsb is now released,” Wayne writes of the launch. “Use any SDR supported by SoapySDR. If any…

OTA: X-Band Beams Images from Space, SDR-based Malware Detection, srsRAN Tutorial, and More

Arved Viehweger is among a growing number of LimeSDR users turning their attention to X-Band satellite communications – receiving impressive high-resolution imagery from Russia’s ARKTIKA-M1 satellite. Launched in February 2021 as the first in the ARKTIKA constellation and serving as an Arctic monitoring system, ARKTIKA-M1 transmits at the lower end…