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Components include the original Reference Development Kit (RDK) that is comprised of the Myriad-RF 1 module and digital interface boards, alongside more recent SDR platforms such as the LimeSDR family, and external modules which add PAs, LNAs and buffered GPIO etc.

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Integrated Systems

Integrated systems build on the field proven LimeSDR platform to provide a fully standalone solution, with features such as a GPS disciplined oscillator (GPSDO) for high frequency accuracy and stability, Power-over-Ethernet, and touch screen and camera interfaces, in addition to integrated compute.

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LimeNET Micro

LimeNET Micro makes deploying wireless networks more accessible than ever before, by extending the LimeNET line of integrated hardware solutions via an ultra-low cost platform that is capable of supporting narrowband systems, such as GSM and IoT wireless standards, in a stand-alone configuration.

LMS8001 Companion

The LMS8001-Companion board provides a four channel, highly integrated, highly reconfigurable frequency shifter platform, utilising the LMS8001A integrated circuit. One of the possible applications is extending the RF frequency range of the LimeSDR platform up to 10 GHz.


Lime Adaptive Digital Predistortion implements power amplifier linearisation for improved power efficiency and reduced running cost of wireless infrastructure. LimeADPD is designed for use with the LimeSDR QPCIe board.


LimeSDR-QPCIe is a 4x4 MIMO PCIe board which provides support for adaptive digital predistortion (ADPD) and with GPS for frequency accuracy/stability.

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OTA: DreamCatcher’s Lab Kit, LuaRadio 0.6.1, Antenna Simulation, and More

Technical training specialist DreamCatcher has launched a training course with LimeSDR-powered lab kit, designed to teach university-level students Long Term Evolution (LTE) network concepts. “The ME1130 serves as a ready-to-teach package for in-depth understanding and hands-on experience on LTE and LTE-Advanced technologies,” DreamCatcher explains of the hardware that backs the…
DreamCatcher Lab Kit

OTA: Lime Suite 20.01.0, cuSignal Acceleration, MIT’s RFocus, and More

The Lime Suite software bundle has received a significant update, to version 20.01.0, bundling new support for the LimeRFE software-defined front end, improved tuning and PLL locking, and other improvements. In its latest release, the open-source Lime Suite library comes with support for the LimeRFE front end, following on from…
MIT RFocus (Courtesy of Jason Dorfman/CSAIL)

OTA: PiSDR 3.0 brings LimeNET Micro Support, Satellite News, and More

Luigi Cruz has released version 3.0 of PiSDR, an SD Card image for the Raspberry Pi pre-loaded with software defined radio tools compatible with the LimeSDR – and, as of this latest release, the LimeNET Micro too. This latest release of Cruz’ PiSDR includes support for the Raspberry Pi 4…

OTA: QO-100 FreeDV Transmissions, Lime-Powered 5G Testbeds, O-RAN Code, and More

Lime Microsystems has published an interview with Gerhard Burian, David Rowe, and Steve Sampson on using FreeDV Mode 2020 for transmitting digital voice via the Es’Hail-2 satellite’s amateur radio transponder (QO-100) using just 1,600 Hz of radio frequency bandwidth. “The bandwidth regulation on the [QO-100] narrow band transponder, being 2,700…