The LMS8001 Companion provides a four channel, highly integrated, highly reconfigurable frequency shifter platform, utilising the LMS8001A integrated circuit. One typical application is extending the RF frequency range of the LimeSDR platform up to 10 GHz.

LMS8001A Features Summary

  • Single chip up/down RF frequency shifter with continuous coverage up to 10 GHz RF output range
  • Four independent highly reconfigurable RF paths all driven by the same LO
  • Fully differential signals
  • Few external components
  • Low voltage operation, 1.2 and 1.8V. Integrated LDOs to run on a single 1.8 V supply
  • 56 pin QFN package
  • Serial Port Interface
  • Power down control available via ENABLE pins and/or equivalent SPI registers
  • Synchronous loading of pre-set operation profiles by GPIO pins. More options are also available using corresponding SPI registers

Board Features

  • Connections
    • 4 x SMA connectors – RF
    • 4 x UFL connectors – RF
    • 1 x SMA connector – External LO
    • 1 x UFL connector – External clock reference
  • USB Interface: STM32 controller
  • Clock System
    • 40MHz on board VCTCXO
    • Possibility to lock VCTCXO to external clock
  • Board size: 60mm x 100mm (2.36’’ x 3.94’’)

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