New micro STREAM board, plus LMS6002 and LMS7002 modules

We are excited to announce that three new designs have been published to GitHub for boards that extend the Reference Development Kit and STREAM projects. These together provide an incredibly compact and low cost solution for prototyping wireless applications that are based on an Altera FPGA and Lime Microsystems FPRF.

The boards are also the first to implement the new uRFDIO interface, which has allowed Azio to create a micro version of the STREAM board, “uSTREAM”, along with micro versions of the transceiver module available in both LMS6002D and LMS7002M variants.

The FPGA board itself measures only 31mm x 108mm in size and along with an Altera Cyclone IV device incorporates a Cypress FX3 USB 3rd generation controller, 512M SDRAM, TCXO and Raspberry Pi 40-pin header.


GUI applications are provided for programming and calibration of the transceiver, along with TCXO configuration and FFT display of received signals. Python examples are also available for use with a Raspberry Pi SBC.

The wiki will be updated with further details over the coming weeks and general availability is expected early in the new year.

6 Responses to “New micro STREAM board, plus LMS6002 and LMS7002 modules”

  1. I am very interested in learning more about the micro stream board, particularly when it will be available and will it be sold through DigiKey? I am working on a novel MIMO radar with security applications. The LMS 7002 is particularly well suited for the radar. Is there any way to get an early version of the micro stream board?

      • Could you please answer the following questions:
        Can you compare the features and functions of the uStream board to those of the STREAM board?
        Can you compare the features and functions of the u7002 board to those of the UNITE board?
        What is the accuracy of the clock on the uSteam board in PPM over temperature?
        What is the input/output impedance of the receiver/transmitter ports on the u7002 board?
        What is the specific model of the Cyclone IV FPGA used in the uStream board?
        Where can we obtain the FPGA source code for the uStream board? It does not seem to be available on Github.
        Thank you

  2. I look forward to receiving information on cost and availability ASAP for both the Microstream board and the MicroLMS7002M transceiver board prior to placing an order. Please keep me informed. Thanks.

  3. Is there any news regarding the micro Stream? Was it ceased in favor of the limeSDR? azio does not have it in their shop anymore…

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