The annual GNU Radio Conference starts in just under a week and we’re incredibly excited to be participating for the first time. On the first day there will be a presentation from Alexander Chemeris of Fairwaves on the rise of open source SDR hardware, and with a focus in particular on Myriad-RF and partner project, UmTRX. This will be followed by an introduction from Michael Mathews of Loctronix to the A(SR)-2300 module.

Fairwaves, Lime Microsystems and Loctronix have each donated hardware which will be given away to delegates through a raffle at the end of the conference, and just prior to which this will be available for use by developers during the day-long hackfest.

It’s a packed conference programme with some pretty impressive topics being covered — everything from FPGA co-processing with Xilinx Zynq and GPU accelerated visualization of spectrum, to a Review of the DARPA Spectrum Challenge, and an RF channel occupation tool for use in cognitive radio systems.

The significant momentum behind open source SDR continues to grow, and that the conference had sold out around a week ago and with further requests for tickets and people being added to a waitlist, serves to clearly underline this fact!