The competition drew to a close last week and I have to say that judging has not been easy, on account of there being no shortage of great entries, with many more proposals for uses that we’d really love to support than boards we have available at this point in time.

The first winner is Steve Conklin, who is part of the team working on the AMSAT Phase 4 ground station design. This is a fantastic initiative that we’re keen to support and were honoured that LimeSDR will play a part in its development. This could also be a particularly exciting use for the upcoming LMS8001 add-on module which will extended LimeSDR coverage all the way up to 12GHz. Congratulations, Steve, and we look forward to following your porgress!

The second winner is Benjamin Larsson, developer of a 433MHz receiver and decoder application with support for over 60 protocols, including everything from temperature sensors and weather stations, to tire pressure sensors and oil level monitors. We can’t wait to see this working with LimeSDR and simulatenously receiving data from multiple different systems, and this is going to prove an invaluable tool to those working on elegant solutions to the problem of integrating many different proprietary wireless systems. Congratulations, Benjamin, and thanks for developing such an eminently useful piece of software!