Some may have seen via Twitter, various blog posts, at Mobile World Congress back in February, or the recent EE, Lime Micro and Canonical joint announcement, that there is a particularly exciting new SDR platform on the block — the incredibly compact USB 3.0 peripheral, LimeSDR.

As an SDR platform this is exciting not only because, thanks to its LMS7002M second generation FPRF transceiver, it is able to cover all the way from 100kHz up to 3.8GHz and is 2×2 MIMO capable, but because a key goal is to make it highly accessible. In support of which LimeSDR is being made available an at unprecedented price point for a board of its advanced capabilities.

We are delighted to announce that LimeSDR is now also open source hardware, with the PCB design, Altera FPGA gateware sources, Cypress FX3 firmware source, and host driver with support for SoapySDR and UHD APIs, all available on GitHub.

Dr Ebrahim Bushehri, Myriad-RF founder and CEO of Lime Micro commented:

The open sourcing of the LimeSDR platform represents part of our ongoing and unwavering commitment to the open source community. More than this, it is also essential to a strategy which will change how mobile networks are built, allowing literally anyone to innovate in this space and, one day we believe, helping us achieve the goal of universal wireless connectivity.

You can expect further updates via this blog, but in the meantime we’d strongly urge you to visit the LimeSDR crowdfunding campaign page and appreciate your help in getting the word out!