We’re pleased to announce that the design and manufacturing files for the PCIe variant of the LimeSDR board have now been published to GitHub, together with the associated FPGA project. It was always planned for this board to be open source just like the main USB 3.0 design, but we had to get the materials together in a state ready to share, balancing this work with other priorities.

General availability

What happens after the crowdfunding campaign? Will it be possible to buy additional LimeSDR boards and if so, at what price? Lime Microsystems CEO, Ebrahim Bushehri, comments:

“We’ve had quite a few enquiries concerning the ongoing availability and pricing for LimeSDR following completion of the crowdfunding campaign. We’d like to take this opportunity to assure the community that we fully intend, as with previous Myriad-RF designs, to make the platform generally available at a highly affordable price point. In fact, this is the reason for setting a high bar of $500k for the campaign, to ensure a high enough volume to commit to a retail pricing of a maximum of $299 for the USB3.0 variant of the LimeSDR board during the first year of general availability and thereafter if we can maintain the volume”.

Of course, LimeSDR will only go into general availability following the success of the CrowdSupply campaign and delivery of all rewards to the campaign backers. As such, you are encouraged to back the campaign if you have a pressing need for LimeSDR and would like to see many more members of the community able to make use of it in the future.