We’re excited to announce that in partnership with the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation, we will have a student working as part of Google Summer of Code on, not only the integration of a RISC-V softcore in the LimeSDR FPGA, but also adaptation to a FuSeSoC based flow.

The RISC-V core will replace a proprietary NIOS II softcore, while FuseSoC will enable the various FPGA platform cores to be packaged, and more easily integrated and built etc.

It should be note that there will be no immediate or near term change to the supported LimeSDR FPGA configuration or development flow. However, assuming the GSoC project is successful and meets certain key criteria, we will obviously consider moving to the RISC-V softcore-based implementation and FuseSoC flow as the official supported configuration.

All that remains is to say congratulations to Cairo Caplan, we look forward to working with you and FOSSi Foundation colleagues over the summer and for more info see their website.