We’re pleased to announce that the User Guide for the LimeSDR open-source software defined radio (SDR) platform is now available on the Myriad-RF Wiki. This forms part of the ongoing Myriad-RF Wiki Documentation Initiative, launched in 2015 to increase the accessibility of technical documentation relating to Myriad-RF projects.

Designed to provide technical and user information for users of the LimeSDR-USB board, the guide is a work-in-progress. As with the earlier documentation transferred to the Wiki, we’re open to feedback on both the content of the user guide as it stands today and also on any material you think should be included. You can use MediaWiki’s built-in Talk function on the user guide page itself, or for a longer-form discussion head to the Myriad-RF forum.

We are already preparing additional content for the guide, including instructions on using the LimeSDR with GNU Radio and Pothos. We’re taking a publish early, publish often approach to both get the community involved and to provide access to the materials as early as possible.

The documentation is now live, and we await your feedback!