The latest project to join the Myriad-RF family is concerned with the creation of RF front-end modules, which can be used together with an SDR platform in order to create a custom wireless solution, for use where a particular application might have a requirement for increased transmit power or filtering, for example.

Sony PA and Tuner module

Sony PA Block Diagram
Dual-channel PA module based around Sony UHF-3800MHz configurable MMIC power amplifier and Sony 2-Bank tuner devices, with USB configuration via Atmel AVR microcontroller.

  • Frequency range: 0.3 – 3.8GHz
  • Gain (W-CDMA): min 9.6dB, max 42.1dB
  • Power Output (W-CDMA): min 11.1dBm, max 19.9dBm
  • Power Supply: 5V from USB3 (optional via external power source)
  • Interfaces: SPI, GPIO
  • Connector: Micro USB2 (on PC plugged into USB3 for max I = 0.9A)
  • Board size: 63 x 40mm (PCB: 40 x 40 mm)
  • Heatsink size: 28 x 29 x 15mm

TriQuint LNA module

TriQuint LNA Block Diagram

A compact dual-LNA board with TriQuint TQP3M9005 devices with the following characteristics:

  • 50 – 4000 MHz
  • 15.3 dB Gain at 1.9 GHz
  • 0.8 dB Noise Figure at 1.9 GHz
  • 14 dB I/O Return Loss)
  • +34 dBm Output IP3
  • +22.3 dBm P1dB
  • 50 Ohm Cascadable Gain Block
  • Unconditionally Stable
  • High Input Power Capability
  • Single Supply, 50 mA Current

SAW filter modules


SISO modules with a single SMA socket and plug, withTX and RX SAW filters from SAWNICS for bands: I, II, V, VII.