Those who have visited the Myriad-RF website over the last couple of weeks will have noticed that there have been some major changes, whereas those who haven’t until just now may have spotted that we’ve been reasonably quiet over the last few months. However, after much hard work, lots of testing and a few tweaks, we’re now pleased to be able to finally make a proper announcement!

Main site

The main website had been completely overhauled and is now a responsive design that should provide a much better experience across a wide range of devices. The way projects are presented has also been greatly improved, with commits being pulled in from GitHub and better structuring of resources. Projects can also now be navigated via status, type and application.


Previously the wiki was provided via a WordPress plug-in, which was far from optimal and was always intended to be an interim solution. The old wiki has now been replaced with MediaWiki running on its own subdomain, which provides many additional and improved features.


The forums were also previously provided via a WordPress plug-in, but now they are being hosted using the excellent Discourse software, once again running on its own subdomain. All the existing posts have been migrated across, along with user accounts. However, if you have an existing account you will need to reset your password.

Finally, all of our web assets are now HTTPS by default for increased security.

The Future

With the new infrastructure now in place we’ll next be turning our attention to project documentation and developing a governance framework. In the meantime you’ll have to bear with us as documentation is added to the wiki, and if you would like to get involved with the governance effort please introduce yourself via the forum.

Lastly, a huge thanks to the guys at Losource for all their hard work!