Novena main board with a prototype Myriad-RF module bottom-right

We were honoured and absolutely thrilled when Bunnie and Xobs saw our Novena RF module design and decided to add it as a stretch goal for the crowdfunding campaign.

We have to admit that, for a little while, we were unsure if the target of 200 pledges at the top 3 levels would be met, thereby enabling us to do a production run of our board. However, the goal was achieved 2 days before the campaign ended and, amazingly and much to our delight, at the final count there were no less than 365 qualifying backers!

After the campaign had drawn to a close we quickly moved on to next steps and worked with Bunnie to confirm that our board would properly fit the Novena enclosure, and he kindly arranged for a main board to be sent out to us for use in testing.

Azio designed the RF module and, not being ones to hang about, scheduled production of prototypes the moment we all agreed that everything looked in order. These arrived earlier this week, testing is already underway and at this point all the signs are positive.

We’re sending a module out to Bunnie to confirm the mechanical fit and for his own testing. Our focus will next turn to developing robust production test capabilities so that we can deliver in time for the rewards going out and while ensuring that all the modules shipped work first time.

With prototypes in-hand and a clear roadmap we’ve now put the Novena-RF into incubation, and will be reviewing the project status as the final boards ship.

It has been asked whether those who missed out on the campaign will be able to purchase an RF module for use with their Novena, and the intention is certainly to put the Novena-RF into general availability if it looks as though there will be sufficient demand.

We’d like to thank Bunnie and Xobs for giving us the opportunity to work together and to contribute to the development of the Novena ecosystem. I have to say, it’s pretty amazing what can be achieved in such a short timeframe, when open hardware takes the friction out of collaboration and everyone is working towards the same goal.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who backed the campaign and we’ll be keeping out an eye out on the Novena forums for any questions relating to the module.