The original Myriad-RF 1 module uses a compact, high-performance 80-pin Hirose connector that is designed to meet the IEEE802.3ap backplane link for 10G Ethernet compliant signal channels. The mating connector is then used on the two interface boards that are also part of the Reference Development Kit (RDK), along with the Zipper board that is part of the RASDR project.

This interface is termed the Radio Frequency Digital Input Output connector (RFDIO).

Since all our designs are made available as open source hardware it’s possible to study these if you wish to create a new interface card or host for use with the Myriad-RF 1, or perhaps a new RF module for use with an existing carrier board. However, this process has now been made even easier as we’ve published the mechanical and electrical specification for the RFDIO connector.

The RFDIO Connector Specification can be found in the RDK GitHub repository. Suitable footprints for the KiCad EDA software are provided via the Components Libraries project.

New designs that adhere to the RFDIO Connector Specification should be compatible with the RDK. However, note that while the Novena-RF uses the same Hirose connector, this is not electrically compatible with RFDIO and in turn RDK or Zipper interfaces.

Feedback and implementation questions should be directed to the RDK forum.

It goes without saying that we’d love to hear from anyone who makes a compatible board!

— Andrew