We’re pleased to announce that ClockTamer is the latest project to join the Myriad-RF family. Developed by Fairwaves — who are also behind the industrial-grade dual-channel transceiver, UmTRX — ClockTamer is very much a mature project, with the version 1.0 hardware design having being published over 5 years ago, back in February 2010.

But what does it do? Well, it’s essentially a compact, low-cost configurable clock generator with optional GPS sync. Suited to use with GSM, TETRA, DAB, DVB, LTE and many more systems. Outputs include CMOS and LVDS, with the v1.2 hardware supporting output frequencies from 3.75MHz all the way up to 1137MHz.

For further information, schematics, PCB layout and firmware sources etc. see: