Back in March we hosted a 1-day LimeSDR workshop in London, in partnership with the BCS Open Source Specialist Group and Open Source Hardware User Group. For this Principle RF Design Engineer at Lime Micro, Dr Danny Webster, put together a series of presentations that provide an introduction to digital radio concepts, before moving on to LimeSDR and LMS7002M RFIC internals, radio link considerations and then finally, advanced digital radio.

The presentations have since been updated and filmed in a studio environment, with the first of these now edited and up on YouTube. They should prove useful to those completely new to wireless system design and those taking their first steps with software/digital radio alike, along with more experienced engineers that are new to the LimeSDR and/or Lime Micro FPRF architecture.

The presentation PDFs can be found on GitHub and if you are new to SDR or the LimeSDR platform, don’t forget to also check out the LimeSDR Made Simple tutorial series from Karl Woodward.