The second video in the Wireless Masterclass series has been published to YouTube and in this Dr Danny Webster introduces the LimeSDR and takes a look at the LMS7002 FPRF architecture, covering the analogue and digital halves of the chip for both transmit and receive chains.

The highly integrated and incredibly flexible LMS7002 is at the heart of the LimeSDR, and understanding its operation and how best to configure it is absolutely key to getting the most out of the platform. Indeed, where problems are encountered these mostly tend to be due to incorrect configuration of the FPRF transceiver.

In the video Danny also explores some of the more general issues encountered with SDR platforms, along with strategies for addressing these and tips for using your LimeSDR well.

The presentations can be found on GitHub and if you’re new to SDR or the LimeSDR platform, don’t forget to also check out the LimeSDR Made Simple tutorial series from Karl Woodward.