The Parallella-RF module is based on the original Myriad-RF 1 design and has been adapted for use with the Parallella many-core computing platform.

Hardware has not been manufactured as yet and above can be seen a plot of the board.


Transceiver                             LMS6002D

RF Bandwidth (BW)                300 MHz to 3800 MHz

Baseband BW                         Programmable (16 selections); 0.75 – 14 MHz, Bypass mode

Clock                                       TCXO

RF Connectors                        SMA


The LMS6002D register are controlled via SPI interface and samples are transferred via the Zynq FPGA.


The module is pre-configured to work on UMTS band-1, the most common band used by 3G communications equipment. However, it can be configured to run on any mobile frequency band or standard by setting up the LMS6002D registers to the required frequency, gain or BB bandwidth.

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