Lime Suite 20.07.1 Released

New release of Lime Suite includes numerous improvements, along with support for the LimeRFE RF front-end, plus packaging for Ubuntu 20.04.
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GNU Radio Foundation Launches Interest Check for London Symposium

GNU Radio Foundation president Ben Hilburn has launched a questionnaire to gauge interest in a UK event for GNU Radio users and developers, tentatively titled the GNU Radio Symposium, which would run along with the existing European GNU Radio Days and GNU Radio Conference events. Originally developed by Eric Blossom…
GNU Radio Crowd

LimeSDR Made Simple Part 8: C Examples and SoapySDR API

Welcome to the eighth instalment of the LimeSDR Made Simple series. Very early on in episode 1, we promised to work from SDR novice to API programming examples in small, bite sized chunks. Having done many of those steps it’s now time to take the final one and start programming.
LimeSDR Hacker Case

LMS7002M Python package and VNA example

Back in June, during the LimeSDR crowdfunding campaign, one of the many great demos that we shared details of was a basic Vector Network Analyser (VNA). Since then we’ve understandably had quite a few requests to share the code and this was always the intention...

LimeSDR LuaRadio support and Arch Linux package

LuaRadio is a lightweight, embeddable flow graph signal processing framework for SDR and as the name suggests, it is written in the Lua language. It benefits from no external hard dependencies and a binary footprint of an impressively small

LimeSDR with native Windows and via Ubuntu VM

The crowdfunding campaign may have drawn to a close — and what a fantastic result! — but work continues in the core engineering team in order to get full scale production and testing in place, and also in the community of beta testers which have early access to LimeSDR hardware.

LoRa modem with LimeSDR

LoRa is a chirp-based modulation format that can operate beneath the noise floor. Its robust, low power, and low rate -- and a candidate technology for connecting the internet of things. In this blog I will cover the basics of LoRa modulation, show off the LoRa PHY blocks for Pothos, and demonstrate simple relay and client applications using a pair of LimeSDRs.

Digital Video Transmission using LimeSDR and GNU Radio

One of the reasons why I find the LimeSDR interesting is that it can transmit high data rates over a wide frequency spectrum. It covers many ham radio bands where we can legally transmit wide signals using high power. This allows us to experiment cutting edge technologies such as digital video transmission over the air.
DVB-S2 transmitter example for GNU Radio

The LimeSDR application ecosystem

When the new Lime SDR arrives at your doorstep, you will find that its immediately usable within a variety of existing SDR applications and software stacks.

First tests of the LimeSDR with Gqrx

My LimeSDR board arrived on April 26, a day before the crowdfunding campaign was launched. I made an agreement to test the board and post my experiences here on the MyriadRF blog. This is the first out of hopefully many posts I will make about the LimeSDR.
Broadcast FM reception with LimeSDR.