Lime Suite is a collection of software supporting several hardware platforms including the LimeSDR, drivers for the LMS7002M transceiver RFIC, and other tools for developing with LMS7-based hardware. Installing the Lime Suite enables many SDR applications, such as GQRX for example, to work with supported hardware through the bundled SoapySDR support module.

Among other things, Lime Suite:

  • provides an SDR driver for transceiver programming and streaming, via LMS, SoapySDR and UHD APIs;
  • can be used to program microcontroller firmware and FPGA gateware on SDR boards;
  • allows configuration of the transceiver plus support devices such as clock generators;
  • can be used to calibrate the transceiver;
  • provides an FFT display of a received signal.

Image 001

At the time of writing the following hardware is supported:

Blog Posts

Lime Suite 20.07.1 Released

New release of Lime Suite includes numerous improvements, along with support for the LimeRFE RF front-end, plus packaging for Ubuntu 20.04.
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OTA: Hijacking Hostile Drones, LiFi Dev Kits, Custom LimeSDR Chassis and More

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University student Ugnius Buržinskis has released a video demonstrating a drone hijacking system, designed to prevent unauthorised uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) from entering a restricted area, powered by a LimeSDR Mini. Using the LimeSDR Mini, housed in a protective casing and connected to an off-the-shelf laptop running…
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