OTA: LimeNET Micro Upgrades, Es’hail-2 Transmissions, and More

Backers of the LimeNET Micro are set to receive a boost in computing power and storage thanks to a last-minute switch in Raspberry Pi Compute Module model, while shipping has now been pushed to the end of March. “As you all know, there were quite a few changes to the…
LimeNET Micro Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

OTA: Es’hail 2’s Amateur Transponder, Cellular Satcom, Magma, and More

The amateur transponder on board the Es’hail-2 satellite, launched back in November, has been activated and qualified as ready for amateur use – and use it amateurs most certainly are. Launched in November 2018 by Qatari communications company Es’hailSat, the Es’hail 2 satellite is located at 25.5 degrees East and…
Marty Wittrock's HF transmission measurements

OTA: Masterclass Videos, RFI, C-Band Reuse and More

If you’re looking for an in-depth deep dive into digital radio and the inner workings of the LMS7002M and LimeSDR you’ll want to look out for Dr. Danny Webster’s Wireless Masterclass series, the first of which has been uploaded to YouTube. Based on presentations from the LimeSDR Workshop…
LimeSDR Mini on a LattePanda

OTA: LimeSDR Mini, GNU Octave, SDR on a Watch and More

Lime Microsystems has officially opened a crowdfunding campaign for the LimeSDR Mini, a reduced-size and reduced-cost version of the LimeSDR which offers one TX and one RX channel for just $99 for Early Bird backers and $139 thereafter. Taking place on Crowd Supply over the next month – the…
LimeSDR Mini (Render)

LMS7002M Datasheet now available on the Wiki

As part of a continuing effort to improve both the accessibility and usability of technical documentation relating to the Myriad-RF project, launched last year as the Myriad-RF WIki Documentation Initiative, we're pleased to announce that the Lime Micro LMS7002M Field-Programmable RF IC Datasheet is now available on the Wiki alongside new documentation relating to the Stream Protocol.
LMS7002M Typical Digital Interface Configuration